Trump’s Back: What Trump Just Did To Boston Protesters Left Them All Speechless



Kirsters Baish| The Left have become so anti-Trump that they are willing to go to any measures to paint him as a bad guy. They have continually bashed him for his harsh tactics, when in reality his strong personality might be the very thing that will save America. They have painted him as a racist a Neo-Nazi supporter, neither of which accurately describe him. He has been fighting racism for over 30 years, but the Left continues to ignore this important fact, blaming Trump for violent acts of hate in our country. Things are changing, however, and President Trump is working hard towards uniting our country as one, even including the Left who so openly ridicules him and disrespects him. It takes a big man to say and do what President Trump just has.

President Donald Trump has announced that supports the Libertarians that gathered in Boston to hold a free speech rally. The whole country is speechless after Trump went out of his way to proudly praise these men and women who are defending EVERYONE’S right to free speech in America. Fourteen thousand people in the area have been left in shock and fear after recent events. Between Neo-Nazis and members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups, innocent Americans are left fearing for their own personal safety, and this is no way for our citizens to live. Now, members of all groups, all creeds, colors, religions, and beliefs have taken to the streets to engage in a peaceful protest, with the goal of protecting all of our rights as Americans.

President Trump hopped on Twitter to publicly thank the 14,000 protesters for their efforts. He explained that we have a serious issue with hate and bigotry in our country, and we must address it now, before it is too late. President Trump is aware that both sides have their flaws, and he hasn’t taken sides, which isn’t what the mainstream media has been claiming. Trump understands that while Neo-Nazis are a serious issue, the Black Lives Matter movement is a counter-movement that is dangerous and hateful. Now, protesters from both sides are finally working together to make a real change.

Liberty Writers wrote:

He said that truly peaceful protests are one of the core rights of this great country and it was good seeing so many Americans uniting to oppose the violence.

Thank you, President Trump, for truly understanding that we are a country that was founded on giving power to the people. Our forefathers dedicated their lives to creating a country that would last, with liberties for everyone. Our rights and beliefs must remain at the core of what makes our great nation so different from others.

While there are always problems with riots and protests, this one seemed to go fairly smoothly. There were 20 arrests following Black Lives Matter members’ decision to vandalize and attack a police car, but considering that there were 14,000 people at this event, things went rather smoothly. The American people will stand by President Trump throughout these hardships that our country is facing. Both sides need to stop fighting with one another long enough to realize that we are all fighting for the same thing, our own personal freedoms. That is exactly what President Trump is fighting for as well, so it’s about time that we ban together rather than pit ourselves against one another. I am so proud of President Trump for such encouraging tweets today.