Trump Just Unveiled His Secret Weapon … The Left Is Finished



Kirsters Baish| It’s pretty ironic that while the Left continues to bash President Trump for his “lack of condemnation” towards White Supremacists, he continues to work towards creating a better America. All the bad press and fake news won’t stop our president from giving us the best country he possibly can. Now, more than ever, President Trump is proving to the Left that he is unstoppable, and he won’t let them tear apart our great nation.

The DNC won’t make it much longer, because so many Americans are turning their backs on the crooked Left. It seems as though the Democrats are not able to find enough support for their candidates in the quickly approaching mid-term elections. Comparing their $38.2 million to the $75 million raised by President Trump in the first six months of 2017, we have the right to be laughing in their faces. The $37.2 million difference is truly remarkable. With the upcoming mid-term elections coming, the Left is focused on trying to take the House in addition to defending their Senate seats, but they aren’t doing a very good job of doing so. 

The DNC has been putting together completely ludicrous protests, with many protesters being paid off by George Soros, to ban together against President Trump and the Republican Party in order to destroy America… but they’re failing miserably. They’ve only raised half of what the Republicans have raised, thanks to our awesome president. It was reported that one Democratic donor even acknowledged the failure, saying “we really should be kicking their asses” and continuing with “it shouldn’t even be close, considering all hell is breaking loose on their side.”

If by all hell breaking loose, he means that we finally have a president who is worth a damn, then yes, he would be correct. The Democrats have no given leader. They are acting like a bunch of wild animals running the streets throwing temper tantrums when they don’t get their way. The Right has been working together to stand by our leader to bring energy to our party and work towards creating real change that America so desperately needs.

The DNC Fundraising Director Tom Perez has been doing a pretty crappy job of encouraging Democrats to support their cause, so it’s no surprise that the Left is failing to miserably. Perez was only announced in June, leaving the party very little time to figure everything out before the mid-term elections.

One of the biggest reasons that Hillary Clinton failed at becoming elected was because she was horrible at rallying her party to stand by her. She worked towards pitting Americans against Trump, rather than rallying them towards supporting her. Clearly, her methods fail, and the Left is continuing to use these tactics… and they’re still failing. President Trump is in it to win it, as he proved when he won the 2016 Presidential Election. He understands that it takes money to get places, and he is continually working towards making sure the Republican Party has enough of it to go around. Could this be the end for the Democratic Party? I guess we’ll have to wait until the mid-term elections to see what happens!